Minor irritations ?

Once the format/s are set in File.fmt , and data entry is in process then there should be none . But it takes a 1st time user some time to get to speed.

You could be annoyed by these situations

You may forgive us for the above . If you take into account that for a typical data entry job the operator is on the main screen for maybe 99% of the time .


  1. Use simple rules of conscience and common sense. Pay only if you actually use the software gainfully. We dont expect to be paid for occupying disk space. We don't expect anything from individuals doing data entry at home. However if you want to pay then $15 or ( Rs. 400/-) is enough to remove the "Unregistered Software" and put your name there.
  2. If you are a small firm the $100 (or Rs 4000/-)will remove the "unregistered" bit and put your name in. We can give as much support as is possible through e-mail.
  3. If you are a larger concern then we expect $500(or Rs20,000) and we will extend you far better and prompt support. We will also add the ability to put the SP directory on whichever drive you want . Right now there is no choice , it has to be c:\sp on C drive which may not be acceptable on a LAN based system . A similar amount is expected for each site where the software is used . Payment in installments is acceptable - you decide the amount.
  4. The software can be e-mailed to you . Or even put up on our site for you to download .
  5. Cheques or drafts must be made in the name of "THE COMPUTER CENTRE" drawn on an Indian Bank . Even cash in envelopes is safe at the following snail mail address.
  6. For any other details contact us at :

    Attn: Anil Bhattacharji
    62/A THE MALL ,
    PO Box 65 ,
    Meerut Cantt .
    INDIA 250 001
    Tel: 91-121-642115 (off),91-121-642166(res)
    IST( Indian Standard time ) = GMT +5.30
    we are 10 to 12 hrs ahead of US time .
email: anilbhx@yahoo.co.in , anilbh@w3c.com

SCANNER based data capture

If you are doing data entry from printed documents and computer output then these may help .

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