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Pay only if you Profit

SPEEDATA is not crippled in any way.
Payment is expected only for profitable use.
That is just an expectation, and we will give complete support by email at
regardless of payment!... Try us!!.
On registering we will replace the "Unregistered Software" bit by whatever you say. Registration is $15 from individuals and $500 per site from firms. For the most suitable mode of payment contact us at

The address is :
The Computer Centre,
62/A The Mall,
PO Box 65,
Meerut Cantt.,
UP , INDIA 250001
You may want to save the quickstart page too. Quickstart is on the main page.
Download SPEEDATA (less than 150kb) Click here.
In case your computer opens Winzip and wants to know which folder to extract to then type in c:\sp. The program only works from that folder.
If you forget the URL and want to come back here just type SPEEDATA in the Yahoo/Google search box.

SPEEDATA for WINDOWS : To download Alpha version ( untested in field ) Click here.
Please ignore the data in the status bar of the current version.