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Keyboard Data Entry Software
with Verification / Key-to-Disk

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"At current rates for Data Entry there would be no SERVICE AID without SPEEDATA" - unsolicited comment by Mr.Puran Chand (Proprietor SERVICE AID) Tel:+91-9810237931,+91-1293093808

When PCs are made without keyboards this will be outdated.

Batch Data Entry and Verification 

To return here just type SPEEDATA in Yahoo or any other search engine.
This package is meant for off-line DATA ENTRY and VERIFICATION .It can even be used to replace UPTRON, HCL DE terminals(in India ), TARTANS & IBM 3742s in the US . Will run in DOS , Netware or DOS Box in WIN 9X/ 2000. This does not require a programmer to create formats. They are created in the same way as in Off-line terminals. The terrific speed of off-line terminals is retained. All keyboard handling is in Assembly Language . windows version soon
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