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Last updated - Tuesday, 29-Mar-2005 00:14:03 EST
If you are new to the Stock Market The first thing to remember is this.
What does the stock market do? It fluctuates. Means it rarely stays flat. Even when it goes down it moves up and down around a mean. You must have heard that the rules of playing the Market are simple. Buy low and sell high. The difference between the experienced and inexperienced is knowing when a figure is low and when it is high. No calculation just an instinct based on experience. It is essential that you get the confidence to be able to predict the movement 80% of the time just 1 day in advance.
Which means you can make a moderate profit even when it is headed downwards. Especially if you have an online trading facility. For one thing there charges are lower than the local broker's. Retain your local broker too but look up Sharekhan too sometime. No this is not an Advertisement for Sharekhan it is just that I found them so good that I though that maybe other Meerutwallas may benefit from my experience. Other suggestions 1. Use just one third money. The Markets are very volatile. 2. Sell at about 20 % or above even 5 % is fine. 3. Buy things you understand . Also dont stay away from new technology. Find out and invest.