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Data Entry Software for Home or Office

Format creation does not require a Computer Science degree!!

Keyboard Data Entry Software with Verification / Key-to-Disk

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When you just have to use keyboards.. "At current rates for Data Entry there would be no SERVICE AID without SPEEDATA" - unsolicited comment by Mr.Puran Chand
(Proprietor SERVICE AID) Tel:+91-9810237931

Welcome !

The day PCs are made without keyboards this will be outdated.

Batch Data Entry and Verification 

To come back here just search for SPEEDATA in Google, or any other search engine.

This package is meant for off-line DATA ENTRY and VERIFICATION .It can even be used to replace UPTRON, HCL DE terminals(in India ), TARTANS & IBM 3742s in the US . Will run in DOS , Netware or DOS Box in WIN 9X/ 2000. All keyboard handling is in Assembly Language . Data Entry did not vanish it got ignored in the shouting. Lots of work has shifted to  on-line but not  all . But  developers have stopped supporting batch work . So maybe this will help.

Available on SIMTEL also.

CARE : The download window may hide behind the main window, after appearing
Download SPEEDATA NOW (about 100kb) Manual included.

You can read the manual without downloading.

We received this e-mail from Mark. Sometime back we also got a similar indication using Inoculan( Computer Associates) a newer version does not give this.
Any comments ?
From: "Mark Dewey" ( Subject: SPEEDATA clean To:
I downloaded SPEEDATA, and checked it for viruses. My scanner said it has the virus You might want to get that cleaned off somehow. Feel free to tell me if this message helps.

Do read the quick start page.
Do save it too in case you are serious about using it. You just have to read the manual ( in word format ) to be able to start using it.
Don't be misled by the size . This uses assembly . And has no GUI. This will run like lightning even on a vintage 4.77Mhz 2 drive PC. The reason is simply - Assembly Language for the keyboard handling. Has been in use for at least 10 years in some installations . Overcome the initial learning period (10 days at most ) and see your efficiency rocket. Don't worry,  we are making slower programs for the faster machines . 
WIN95 and Linux / Unix versions coming soon.( November 15th 2002 ). 


Data Entry

All the field types in Off-line ( dedicated) Data-Entry terminals are available. Using the shift key enables keying alpha in numeric , and numeric in alpha fields. The previous record is always shown on screen. On line help at all times. Complete manual in zip file .


Re-key verification is provided . It is faster and more reliable than sight checking . Fields not to be re-keyed are set to be skipped in the format line. Its there though few use it.


Yet another reason , why you cannot live without SPEEDATA. A single keystroke configures it to be suitable for operators with UPTRON / HCL / IBM PC experience . UPTRON means embedded ( numeric in the alpha section to minimise hand movement ) keyboard , HCL uses the numeric keypad but with numbers reversed.


Using the right arrow key you can duplicate character by character. Setting 'D'or 'L' in the format causes the field to be auto duplicated. Press the manual Duplicate key ( '7' ) if repeated fields appear sometimes. In an alpha field press the END key to duplicate to the next space . Use F2 to F12 key to store repeatedly occurring sets of letters - like bank names , cities etc. 

Formats and

Complex jobs are easily done in SPEEDATA . Multiformat files can have up to 10 formats . Options for linking formats are CIRCLE , CHAIN , MB ( Multi Buffer). Formats can be edited using a Text Editor . They can be modified , added, deleted ,inserted or copied . All formats are kept in a single file. Remember Multiformats in a single file are not even possible in ANY Xbase package even when it is the most straight forward way to solve a problem.


(we think so)

These facilities are not available in the usual Xbase packages or are difficult to program.
  1. Both the data line and the format line are shown at the same time. Press ALT-F1 and you are on the format line . Change a single character in the format and the entire field changes, e.g. from manual to duplicate. A lifesaver when working out the most efficient format for a new job . This change is NOT permanent.
  2. Re-entering the same phrase or data repeatedly ? Store it in memory using ALT-= ( then F2 to F12 can be used as 11 memory keys). ONLINE HELP is available at all times .
  3. Operator statistics - Records per hour / keystrokes per hour are shown on screen . Helps to calculate the time required for a particular job.


Single record length maximum is 312 characters( look for longer record version soon . Up to 10 formats maybe made and chained . The SDF (standard data format ) files are easily transported to XBASE , 123 , EXCEL or a text editor. They are in a format COBOL expects.


Intensive validation and table lookups. We assume that in a professional set-up these could have standalone programs for themselves . Putting them in a Data Entry Software requires a Programmer to write formats.
Use for : Tax returns , Admissions , Job Applications ,Share Issues, Census etc.. etc.. and see the difference - but not without touch typist operators.

62/A MALL ROAD PO Box 65 ,Meerut Cantt.  UP 250 001 INDIA.
Tel: +91-121-642166 , +91-121-642115 E-mail : 
E - mail me!! 

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