C , Assembly ,  C++, Linux , gcc

Also MFC , Pascal , Delphi, Xbase

Main Objective : Work from home  . Since I am not sure that this is really possible straightaway , I am listing other things I am open to.

1. 1st preference non-hardcore programming job - maybe Documentation , advertisement writing etc. maybe more than  of these less blood thirsty functions.
2. Programming in a hardware related environment .
3. Database related Programming .
4. Could also do preliminary work for any company foreign company in India . Simple Accounting work is no problem .
Or any other interesting work ...

Internet access : Yes through modem to a local ISP.
Alternate E-mail address : .
E-fax Voice-mail : 001-(202)777-2649 ext 1506 . at zdnetonebox.
Permanent Address : 113 Hill Street , Meerut Cantt., PO Box 65,Uttar Pradesh , INDIA - 250001
Nationality : Indian.
Marital Status : Married , 2 children . (age 13 and 15).
Place of Birth : Ambala , Haryana  , India.
Date of birth : 23rd Jan 1946. - Age 54 years ( in Year 2000) . Means I will be more acceptable in a senior position and will stay longer in any assignment.
Religon : Protestant CNI ( Church of North India ) , Christian .
Fluency in English : Like a native speaker .
Other Languages : Hindi .
Highest Educational qualification : B.TECH in Electrical Engineering from I.I.T ( Indian Institute of Technology ) Delhi . One of the 5 highest rated engineering institutions in the country . Student Number at IIT Delhi was 64IIE2.

1969 Dec.- 1 Month at Continental Devices FARIDABAD HARYANA . This was one of the 1st firms to
start manufacturing Silicon Transistors in India . They also designed devices ( circuits) for customers . I
am not sure if the firm still exists . REASON for Leaving : Got a job with IBM .

31st December 1969 to April 76 - Worked with IBM as a CE ( Customer Engineer) at their Bombay Office . The work involved maintainence of their Computers and UNIT RECORD machines at the customers site . The most prevalent Computer at that time in India in the Corporate / Govt world was a 1401 with a maximum memory of 16 Kilobytes . There were lots of Installations with 4Kb memory . My man Number at IBM was 093294 .
REASONS for leaving : A distinct feeling of stagnation .To be fair IBM was not to be blamed for not moving ahead . And the Government of India would refuse or delay any plans for expansion or importing the latest machinery . And finally IBM left because it was accused of selling old and outdated machines , as well as because it would not allow any dilution of its shares.

1976 - 1981 Self employed : At the time I left IBM my father had a well established business which consisted of reconditioning of Automotive engines for Tractors , trucks and cars . It was involved in Diesel fuel pump calibration , Crankshaft grinding , Cylinder reboring etc . It was more than a repair workshop or garage . So my next involvement (not my main interest ) was to try to develop and market a 35cc engine
attachment for bicycles ( not the engine - this was already available ) . This however continued upto 1979
DCM Data products
1980-1982 Feb : Worked with DCM Data Products as a CE again. There were some Ex-IBMers also employed there . The "Computers" they were actually assembling at that time were based on the 8080A chip . They did not have a monitor for display and actually used a 24 character !!! single line
hexadecimal display for a console . The operating system was CP/M and it used an Interpreted Basic for
any work that may be required . The Minimum Price was about Rs 400,000. Definitely not a personal
computer , it was expensive for medium size concerns.
Reasons for leaving : Computers were getting cheaper and I felt I could make it on my own .

April 83 to NOW - I have been self employed , and managing my own firm with the name of "THE COMPUTER CENTRE ". We started with training classes in computer programming using BASIC or COBOL . We also did data processing jobs , these came from many sources .These included payrolls for 2 banks these were being handled regularly until early this year - when they started doing it in-house .
Listings for banks and insurance companies . Statistical work including regression analysis from Meerut University .The computer used until 1991 was an 8085 based machine ,using compiled BASIC . The operating system was a now unheard of variant of an OS from believe it or not INTEL ,called USIS-III. A
derivative of Intel's ISIS-II I think . Which was in turn derived from CP/M.
Since 1990 I was involved in programming , selling and implementing a Batch Data-Entry program . We still find customers for this and this is available from the INTERNET from the following URLs:
1. ( case sensitive ).
2. ( redirected to above ).
3. .

Here is a listing . I have indicated my knowledge level against each . This rating is entirely my own take it or leave it .
I never stopped learning about computers both Hardware and software aspects . The Hardware knowledge cannot be listed so neatly.
LANGUAGE/OS Skill level
C++ , PASCAL , QB 4.5 
8085 / 80386 Assembly,
CGI programming using PERL ,HTML ,.
Gcc compiler on
LINUX .Curses ncurses.

Can quickly improve my skill level if assigned a definite project .I have a some hacking ability too . And am proud of a project I undertook around 1990 . I am still very
proud of it. Remember the time when PC's started advertising 1 MB memory ( Not expanded ) . Well I
never saw anything which could use this memory . I wrote a driver to use this as a virtual disk . I still use that driver . And that machine is still in use . To be correct I did not write the driver from a scratch . I used the listing in the DOS technical reference for a Virtual disk - VDISK.SYS , to start off . It was
however no mean job .

I am a great admirer of code written by AL STEVENS and have used his TWINDOW routines in a transport of my Data Entry software which used QB4.5 and ASSEMBLY to C . I have also converted this library to work under LINUX . It can also be easily compiled in any UNIX derivative. I feel it is considerably more compact than CURSES , and has more facilities.
I am of course am familiar with many editors which come with DOS and LINUX . Have to be to find out which really works . I have at various times used Norton Editor , Qedit ( the best ) and EDIT which comes with WIN9X or DOS .I can also use advanced tools like DEBUG ( DOS ) and GDB on LINUX .
And I have an enormous familiarity with the deluge of programs for the WIN9X environment . WINZIP ,

Computers are my 1st interest and I cannot convey my enormous enthusiasm and aptitude for computer related work through a mere resume .
I was considered good at Painting and Drawing , in school and would welcome an opportunity if I could use this little used aptitude in a job on a computer .I can play the guitar ( not for many years now ) and Electronic organ . I play fairly regularly at St. John's Garrison church ( this church was consecrated in 1822 and it may be the 1st church in North India ). I try to retain a reasonable level of fitness and manage to go for a 1 mile jog daily ( well almost ).

Ideally I would be interested in any job where I do NOT have to relocate .
A wide variety of jobs can be done via the net , so maybe this is not a pipe dream .I can do reviews of Software / Hardware . Perhaps write a newsletter for a Website . Perhaps contribute my two bits about my impressions of what is going on . I am very convinced that something enormous ( Internet related ) is happening and nobody knows exactly what is going on . Not even the people who are making it happen .
So perhaps everybody’s opinions count .
I could even undertake hard-core software development or project management jobs . I am confident of my ability to pick up an entirely new tool , language , environment within a few weeks .