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Seeing is believing

Supports all the latest processors and boards - much more stable than Windows. Has been out only a few weeks! If you want the entire DVD (3.5 Gb almost 15 hours of download time using broadband) it is availble here. As you know LINUX gives far less problems than XP. Some amazing programs just come standard on the DVD. Complete assistance can be provided for installation or dual booting. However it is only for those who are willing to read a book about Linux or refer to one periodically. Also some rare site do not render correctly in Firefox. That is all!. NO LICENSING PROBLEMS OR EXPENSES for schools and other reputed organisations.

Where to Buy Computers & Electronics Products
For Hardware you should go to PL Sharma Road. The biggest and perhaps best shop is right at the Begum Pul entrance called Foretek Systems. The owner hails from Modinagar, and has a branch in Nehru Place too. (The shop is almost :) as big as Nehru Place itself). Near Shastri Nagar shops in Krishna Plaza are worth investigating. There are many Cyber Cafes in the area too. For a cheap and reliable SAFEX UPS ring 121-2648058 or 09837071996, and PATHFINDER in PL Sharma Road. For Digital Cameras the best place is Goyal Photographers in Bombay Bazar a very comprehensive range is available. To check prices as compared to Nehru Place Click here .

TIPS:( Do contribute to this at Meerut Computer Information )

If using Win 98 then use SFC.exe sometimes, it is a system file checker and will point out corrupted or missing files. Never heard of it ? It comes with Win98 I am not sure of XP. Should be in the Windows directory. Most effective after a severe virus infection. For a Very,very good anti virus visit AVG antivirus. This will catch virii in emails also.

You already know this but can easily forget to do it. Run Scandisk with "thorough" checked at least once a week . You will certainly minimise blue screens and GPFs ( General Protection Faults ).
To prolong life of your UPS battery switch off the UPS when not in use. It gets enough time to charge when in use.
Always keep a bad floppy disk in the floppy drive this way the head stays clean even after weeks of non usage.

Now you can send your own

Happy Birthday Midi

You may know it is possible to put a background sound in an email. The way to do it in OutLook Express is click on Format and look under the options there. But another problem appears the Happy Birthday Midi is not available free. Click on the link here and that problem is solved!! You have to right click here and select Save target as..

Internet Explorer 6/5 problems

If you don't have any problems with IE6/5 consider yourself lucky. There is so much Malaware going around for the specific purpose of damaging Internet Explorer, that if you don't suspect any change in behaviour then you are lucky indeed. If you suspect all is not well note the problem and post to a news group called microsoft.public.windows.inetexplorer.ie6.browser . How do you join this group ? Setup your news server as msnews.microsoft.com then subscribe to this group. Or you could directly go to a site which will help you clear up many problems Click here.

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